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Synergy of knowledge and technology

About us

O nas

The foundation of our business is innovative solutions in finance and administration. We started by servicing companies in the RES sector, and although today we support clients from many industries, sustainability will always be in our DNA.

What sets us apart is the unique combination of expertise in our team of accountants, financiers and developers. We use the latest technology, knowledge and experience to create the best-fit and most effective solutions for our Clients.

We know how important a good atmosphere and flexibility of cooperation is. We are proud of the trust our Clients have placed in us and we strive every day to add value to their organizations.

Standards that pay off

Our principles and values


The quality of our services consists of years experience and knowledge of team members.


We provide a guarantee of transparency of the principles and motives behind the decisions made and the activities performed.

O nas

"Know-how" is not enough - to drive success, it takes commitment. That's why we treat each project as our own investment.

Business ethics

On a daily basis, we follow one of the world's most demanding codes of ethics, the CFA© Code of Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct.

Take advantage of our experience

Our team

Development is the sum of good decisions

"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."
Andy Warhol

Discover our efficiency story

2018 - Wdrożenie 100% pracy zdalnej

Każdego dnia pracujemy ramię w ramie z naszymi Klientami i wspieramy w realizacji ich celów biznesowych.

Zacieśniamy współpracę z zespołem programistycznym ConradMind, który obok kompetencji finansowych Proxy Partners, automatyzacji EasyDocs, stanowi 3 silnik naszej rakiet.

We welcome you on board.

2018 - Wdrożenie 100% pracy zdalnej


Proxy Partners launch platform

On the basis of experience gained in banking and the RES sector, Krzysiek Mlynarz is establishing a company providing technical and commercial administration services in the RES industry.

A launch platform for the Proxy rocket is being formed.


Implementation of 100% remote work

A breakthrough year in Proxy's development - the entire team starts working together remotely. Unaware yet of what is coming in 2020, we implement all the tools that support remote work, which has become a normal part of the post-pandemic labor market.

Working remotely means having access to the best specialists without the limitations of location.


EasyDocs - launch!

We are launching a tool that has contributed significantly to Proxy Partners' growth over the next few years. EasyDocs improves collaboration with client teams and automates document and payment administration.


Interim CFO - launch!

We are adding the services of a chief financial officer. We provide our clients with a complete financial department combining accounting with controlling and proven administrative processes.

2021 - 2023

Proxy and EasyDocs enter orbit

Our financial and accounting Dream Team continues to grow. EasyDocs becomes an essential link in working with all Proxy Partners' clients and enters the commercialization stage as a tool available online under the Software as a Service formula.


Course for development and integration

Every day we work side by side with our clients and support them in achieving their business goals.

We are strengthening our cooperation with ConradMind's development team, which, along with Proxy Partners' financial competence and EasyDocs' automation, is the 3rd engine of our rocket.

We welcome you on board.

Keep your finances under control

Check out how we can help you.


We combine accounting and controlling with technology.

We'll not only take care of all your declarations and financial statements, but we'll also make sure there are no surprises on an ongoing basis.

- We'll answer questions.

- We will help solve problems.

- We will support you in the implementation of projects.

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Human resources and payroll

Employees are the most important asset of any company.

That is why it is so important to ensure that they are paid on time. We know that a variety of contracts and employee situations can also be problematic. We are ready to sort them out for you and help you in any situation.

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Chief Financial Officer

We support founders and managers at every stage of their companies development.

Are you planning your budget for the next year, reviewing the performance of your current one, considering a new investment, or looking for maximum profitability?

At Proxy Partners, we offer support in guiding and executing your financial strategy to help you achieve your business goals.

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A well-functioning business depends on how well you work with your finance and accounting department.

With our proprietary EasyDocs system, we'll help you organize your workflow so that documents get to us in the shortest possible time and with minimal involvement from your team.

If you are already using systems that work perfectly for your company, ask us about integration options. We are always open to optimization.

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Wind farm

Profit from comprehensiveness

Welcome to the finance and accounting department dedicated to your company.


Key service

We provide a guarantee of transparency of the principles and motives behind the decisions made and the activities performed.


Technology on a daily basis

We hire technology wherever we see a benefit. Our EasyDocs platform saves up to 80% of time when handling documents and payments.


Access to documentation

We keep your documents and ledgers in order, whether your company is raising a round of financing, preparing for a transaction or an audit.


Management support

We support you in the management of multiple projects or capital groups using our experience.


Financial consulting

We advise on how to create stronger and more stable businesses.