Asset administration and management

Customized commercial, and technical project management services.

+ Corporate governance and day-to-day company administration.

+ Monitoring and reporting of project parameters.

+ Stakeholders and project courterparty relationship management.

+ Assistance in selection of project subcontractors and monitoring of their performance.

Balance of plant operation and maintenance

Comprehensive O&M services covering equipment and infrastructure of investment projects.

+ Supervision of grid stations and project infrastructure.

+ Team of electricians and specialists at your disposal.

+ Full scope of periodic tests, check-up and equipment service.

Corporate governance

We represent shareholders best interests at every stage of the project.

+ Maximizing project value through active process management.

+ Reduction of downtime reaction time to minimum.

+ Constant monitoring of project performance and indicators

Strategic advisory

We verify, optimize and recommend solutions providing value maximization and risk reduction.

+ Financial modeling, stress tests, sensitivity and scenario analysis

+ Operations and administration costs optimization.

+ Identification of key risk factors and recommendation of their mitigation.


We develop new investment projects and redevelop existing one's

+ Comprehensive development service of investment projects.

+ RePowering - identification of project modernization possibilities and administrative process coordination.

+ Investment projects Due Diligence reports.

Project optimization

Identification of areas of possible improvement of investment project economics and effectiveness.

+ Project documentation verification focusing on process optimization and scope of performed activities.

+ Evaluation of administrative decisions aimed at identification of potential improvement areas.

+ Designing and implementation of procedures providing income maximization and reduction of project infrastructure downtime.

+ Renegotation of agreements and project obligations.